beria. The year of our Lord, 1215. A time of great strife and looming conflict. In the south, the glorious Caliphate of Al’Andalus has faded and been replaced by a host of squabbling taifas ruled only loosely by the new Almohad Caliph in Maraketch. Cordova is a faded reminder of what had been and only Seville to the west still clings to the threadbare glory of Al’Andalus. In the north, Christian kingdoms expand under the leadership of warrior kings. Soldiers of Aragon and Navarre, Leon and Castile push south with the aid of holy knights, conquering the fragmented Almohad tafias laid bare by the crushing defeat of the Caliph’s army at Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212.

This war torn peninsula is equal parts conflict and prosperty for all people. Kings, knights, monks, and…magi. While kings and soldiers carve out lands to rule, small groups of wizards and their covenfolk do their best to continue the work begun by the founders of their order nearly five centuries before. The scions of Bonisagus, Merinita, Verditius, Guernicus and the rest have banded together into covenants, seeking to escape the conflict of the Reconquista as it sweeps over, around, and past them. This is the story of one of those communities within the Kingdom of Castile, just a short ways outside the fortress city of Cuenca.

De Rerum Magica

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