Diego the Ancient

Grog controlled by Xanthor


Name: Diego
Age: 71 (Apparent Age: 23)


  • Delusion (Minor, Personality): Believes that he is a Magus, even though he is not.
  • Social Handicap (Minor, General): People sense that, although Javier looks young, there is something very old about him (or have watched others around him age while he stays young), they find it very creepy (-3 on appropriate social rolls). He also believes himself to be a magus, which normal folk find offputting, and real Magi find uncomfortable.
  • Offensive to Animals (Minor, General): Animals reacts as if you had the gift. People do not. This helps to reinforce Javier’s delusions.


  • Privileged Upbringing (Minor, General): Grew up in an environment with access to teachers and free time for study. Extra 50 xp for General, Academic, or Martial Abilities (assuming you have access to them).
  • Failed Apprentice (Minor, Social Status): Had the gift, but it was incomplete. Familiarity with the lives of Magi, and can learn Academic and Arcane Abilities during Character Gen.
  • Unaging (Minor, Supernatural): Do not suffer the effects of age. Aging points do not decrease stats, only building up to give decrepitude points. If a crisis is not potentially fatal, suffer no ill effects. No enfeeblement. Still die at 5 decrep points.

Int +2
Per +2
Pre +1
Com +1
Str -1
Sta 0
Dec +2
Qik 0

Aging Points: 31
Decrepitude: 3

Abilities (Totalling 1085 xp (Childhood: 45 + 50 from Virtue, + 66 Years @ 15xp)

  • Arts Liberales (Ritual Magic) 6
  • Awareness (Keeping Watch) 5
  • Code of Hermes (Mundane Rel.) 4
  • Common Law (Local Laws). 2
  • Civil and Canon Law (Regulations of the Clergy) 1
  • Concentration (Reading) 5
  • Dead Language (Latin) 5
  • Dead Language (Hebrew) 5
  • Faerie Lore (Sidhe) 5
  • Etiquette (Faeries) 2
  • Infernal Lore (Curses) 2
  • Dominion Lore (Angels) 2
  • Magic Lore (Regiones) 6
  • Magic Theory (Vim) 6
  • Medicine (Anatomy) 3
  • Philosophiae (Natural Philosophy) 4
  • Theology (Heresy) 2
  • Swim (Diving) 2
  • Teaching (Artes Liberales) 7
  • Area Lore (Castille) 3

Native Language (Castillian) 5

Loyal +3
Trusting +1
Helpful +2


Diego was brought up in a family of wealth, and at the age of 10 was taken by the Magi Bonisagus. During his apprenticeship, he was assisting his parens in preparations for a longevity ritual, which went horribly awry, breaking his gift and damaging his sanity. The accident also killed his Parens. Strangely, the ritual seemed to have an effect on Javier, preventing him from undergoing any further aging.

While this ended his apprenticeship, the House Bonisagus took pity on him, and sent him to work with a winter covenant outside Cuenca. He believes he is working there as a junior Magus, despite what any one else will tell him. He happily assists the Covenant in whatever laboratory research they wish to undertake.

Diego the Ancient

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