Mas'ud of Flambeau

Flambeau Elementalist and Jinni Hunter


HOUSE: Flambeau
HIGH CONCEPT: Jinni Hunter
NICKNAME: Mas’ud (means ‘Lucky’ – clearly ironic)


  • Supernatural Nuisance (story, major 3): airy spirits
  • Hatred (personality, major 3): Sahirs
  • Reckless (personality, minor 1)
  • Warped Magic (hermetic, minor 1): elemental side effects
  • Weird Magic (hermetic, minor 1): a result of esoteric Elemental Magic techniques
  • Incompatible Magic (hermetic, minor 1): Perdo Animal, Rego Animal


  • Elemental Magic (hermetic, major 3)
  • Inoffensive to Animals (hermetic, minor 1)
  • Study Bonus (hermetic, minor 1)
  • Improved Characteristics (general, minor 1)
  • Well Traveled (general, minor 1)
  • Affinity Perdo (hermetic, minor 1)
  • Puissant Perdo (hermetic, minor 0)
  • Personal Vis Source (hermetic, minor 1) << harvesting elementals
  • Mastered Spells (hermetic, minor 1)


  • Intelligence: +2
  • Perception: +2
  • Strength: -1
  • Stamina: +3
  • Presence: +1
  • Communication: -2
  • Dexterity: 0
  • Quickness: +2


  • Early Childhood (Traveling):
    • Area Lore: 1 – Old Castille (geography)
    • Area Lore: 1 – Toledo (merchants)
    • Folk Ken: 2 (townsfolk)
    • Language: 1 – Spanish (trading)
    • Language: 5 – Arabic (trading)
    • Survival: 2 (mountains)
  • Later Childhood (75 pts = 5 years)
    • Animal Handling: 2 (draft animals)
    • Awareness: 2 (alertness)
    • Charm: 1 (strangers)
    • Intrigue: 1 (gossip)
    • Language: 2 – Spanish (trading)
    • Bargain: 1 (metal tools)
    • Stealth: 1 (urban)
    • Ride: 2 (off road)
  • Well Traveled (50 xp)
    • Charm: 2 (strangers)
    • Language: 3 – Spanish (trading)
    • Area Lore: 2 – Old Castille (geography)
    • Folk Ken: 3 (townsfolk)
  • Apprentice (150 pts)
    • Artes Liberales: 1 (arithmetic)
    • Latin: 4 (???)
    • Magic Theory: 3 (Rego)
    • Parma Magica: 1 (Ignem)
    • Finesse: 2 (???)
    • Penetration: 2 (Perdo)
    • Code of Hermes: 2 (Wizard Marches)
    • Magic Lore: 2 (Elementals)
  • Techniques and Forms: (90 pts)
    • Perdo: 8 (24 pts)
    • Rego: 5 (15 pts)
    • Creo:
    • Intelligo: 3 (6 pts)
    • Muto:
    • Aquam: 4 (10 pts)
    • Auram: 3 (6 pts)
    • Ignem: 4 (10 pts)
    • Terram: 3 (6 pts)
    • Vim: 4 (10 pts)
    • Corpus: 2 (3 pts)

SPELLS 120 levels

  • Max Level: Technique + Form + Intelligence + Magic Theory + 3
  • PERDO: 18-20
    • 8 + (2 or 4) + 2 + 3 + 3
  • REGO: 15-17
    • 5 + (2 or 4) + 2 + 3 + 3
  • INTELLIGO: 13-15
    • 3 + (2 or 4) + 2 + 3 + 3
  • Casting Total: Technique + Form + Stamina + Aura + DICE
  • PERDO: 16-18
    • 8 + (2 or 4) + 3 + 3 (puissant)
  • REGO: 10-12
    • 5 + (2 or 4) + 3
  • INTELLIGO: 8-10
    • 3 + (2 or 4) + 3
  • Wards… Rego [element]
    • range: Personal, duration: Moon = same as range: Touch, dur: Ring, tgt: Circle
    • wards vs: Aquam, Auram, Ignem, Terram: 5 each (20 pts)
  • Perdo Ignem: Wizard’s Icy Touch (20 pts)
    • R: voice, D: mom, T: Ind
    • single target takes 10 damage
    • casting total: 18 + 1
    • Mastery:
      • Penetration,
  • Perdo Vim: Elemental Spirits Oblivion (20 pts)
    • R: voice, D: mom, T: Ind
    • single target loses Might equal to Level
    • casting total: 18 + 1
    • Mastery:
      • Penetration,
  • Perdo Terram: Pit of the Gaping Earth (15 pts)
    • R: voice, D: mom, T: Part
    • circle 6 paces across, pt 9 ft deep
    • casting total: 17 + 1
    • Mastery:
      • Fast Casting,
  • Intelligo Vim: Tracking the Elemental Spirit (? pts)
    • R: voice, D: ?, T: Ind
    • casting total: 10 + 1
    • Mastery:

GM Commentary: Fluff Every Flambeau Must Have

  1. Your chosen school of combat
  1. Any previous quarrels with other Flambeau (rivals)
  1. The name of the magus that sponsored your Gauntlet
  1. What form did your gauntlet take?
  1. Any membership in a Societas Flambonis?
  1. Any wizard wars you may have participated in

Step 2: Create the Rough Outline

What do you look like?

Where were you born?

  • son of an Arabic merchant
  • traveled throughout Old Castille region, especially Toledo

What was your childhood like?

  • from a young age, plagued by Airy Spirits of the elements
    • some inate magical ability allowed him to keep things hidden, for the most part
    • after one particular incident, his family had had enough and drove him off
    • but this was witnessed by an Agent of a nearby Covenant who sought him out to join them

What was your apprenticeship like?

  • the covenant is one of the ones set up by the Tribunal to help heal the rift between Flambeau and Tytalus, with Bonisagus present as well
    • his affinity for Elementalism brought him to be claimed by Flambeau
  • was good friends with a pair of older apprentices (Flambeau and Tytalus), both of whom died in the otherwise grandly successful battle at Las Navas de Tolosa

Who was your parens?
(good question)

GM Comment: Can you provide a little more detail to your nuisance? When did they start plaguing you? Why do they plague you? Is there a form/type that bugs you most (fire, air, water, etc.)? Are they malicious or mischievous? Etc.

  • I’m still wrapping my head around how the different grades of spirits actually work
  • at a high level, like others of his flaws, I think this ties into his Elementalism. I picture it as a sort of kindred-spirit, kind of thing: there’s something at the root of his elementalism, his affinity for the elements. his insight into them goes both ways: they notice him.
  • Airy Spirits are very low power (might 1-5), so I think these are what toyed with him as a child. picturing that they manifested in ways that just seemed like bad-luck or clumsiness:
    • air spirits knocking things over
    • water spirits causing him to slip
    • fire spirits causing (very small) things to light on fire or candles going out
    • earth spirits breaking pottery or stones in his shoes
    • bottomline, I think the airy spirits are more about the mischievous
  • I like the idea that as he grew older, and as his magical powers began to blossom, that Spirits of the Elements took notice of him
    • these spirits can be more powerful (might up to 25), and are tied to a specific object with some weight and importance
    • compared to the Airy Spirits, I think that some of the Spirits of the Elements are more malicious
    • the chicken or egg here… he’s developing the power to do something about these Spirits, so some of them may feel more threatened by him — and vice versa

GM Comment: same for your sahir feud. Who, what, when, where, why? Is there one or two that are your nemeses? Was there an event that created this special hatred in you?

  • a clarification: I didn’t pick FEUD in this version (which is a Story flaw, and I can’t have two): so this is a Hatred towards Sahirs
  • the implication of this… a Feud is a multi-party affair and both sides know each other. if were a Feud, he’d be roped into stuff by people on his side, etc. etc.
  • but as a Hatred (a personality flaw), it’s much more personal and internally focused. he has not yet participated in the broader feud that exists: he was not in attendance at Las Navas de Tolosa, but others from his covenant were there
    • specifically, 2 other apprentices went there as part of their Gauntlet, both of them good friends of his, but older: one of them like an older brother that he idolized (Flambeau), the other a girl that he was infatuated with (Bonisagus)
    • these 2 apprentices both fought at Las Navas de Tolosa and died there (or missing and presumed dead if you prefer to have a hook out there about it)
  • so combine his general animosity towards elemental spirits + the Sahirs wielding them as weapons + his dead friends = hatred towards Sahirs

Rights and Wrongs

Chastity vs Lust: (purity, knowledge, honesty, wisdom)

  • leaning toward Chastity
  • a lost love (the other apprentice) has put him off the topic for now

Temperance vs Gluttony: (self control, justice, honour, abstention)

  • leaning toward Gluttony — another reflection of Recklessness flaw

Charity vs Greed: (will, benevolence, generosity, sacrifice)

  • leaning toward Charity
  • willing to sacrifice himself for ‘the cause’ if need be
  • is this just another reflection of Recklessness, or a bit suicidal

Diligence vs Sloth: (persistence, effort, ethics, rectitude)

  • heavily on side of Diligence

Patience vs Wrath: (peace, mercy, ahimsa, sufferance)

  • heavily on side of Wrath: hatred toward Sahirs

Kindness vs Envy: (satisfaction, loyalty, compassion, integrity)

  • strongly Kindness: loyalty to Flambeau, integrity to the Order

Humility vs Pride: (bravery, modesty, reverence, altruism)

  • leaning toward Pride: confident in his abilities

Medieval Life

What do you think of the political infighting of the nobility that causes suffering among the peasants?

  • frustrated with the Political infighting because of how at affects the Reconquista
  • has little sympathy towards the Peasants. sad for them, but their lot in life is not likely to change any time soon.

How do you view the strict interpretation of religious law by the Order of Santiago (Christians) and the Almohades (Muslims)?

  • it is not the nature of man to get along with his fellow man: if it’s not religion driving them apart it will be something else
  • the Order finds it allies where it can, and right now the Christians are appropriate allies for us to get to our enemies, the Sahirs

Do you have any particular habits or vices or vices you find reprehensible in others?

  • lorem ipsum dolor

How do you view strict/loose interpretions the Code of Hermes?

  • clearly a loose interpretation when it comes to mundane interference
  • and dislikes people hiding behind the skirts of the rules: specifically how the Sahirs are ‘safe’ as members of House Ex Miscellania

Is killing ok? When is it justified (if ever)? When is it not justified/immoral?

  • yes, certainly. given the chance, others will kill to get what they want. you must be willing to do the same.
  • it should not be necessary, however. if others know that you are willing and capable of killing, you should not need to.

Step 4: The Back Story

current year: 1215, age 25

born: 1990 to 10 years old:

  • childhood to an Arabic merchant
  • traveled throughout Old Castille
  • ‘accident prone’, but otherwise normal childhood
  • people began reacting negatively to him (from the gift)
  • animals, however, were not negatively affected, so he took a liking to them
  • airy spirits began ‘picking on him’ more aggressively as he got older
  • finally, a particularly spectacular display of elemental manifestation — right in the middle of a market in Toledo, caused his family to cast him out
  • fortunately an agent of the Order became aware of this (for they look for this kind of thing) and they intercepted him before anything untoward could happen

event: 1202: age 12

  • lorem ipsum dolor

event: 1207, age 17

  • lorem ipsum dolor

event: 1212, age 22

  • Las Navas de Tolosa: 2 of his fellow apprentices are killed
    • SABINA: Bonisagus, girl, Roman descent
    • TORO: Flambeau, boy, Northern Iberian descent
    • they were just about to graduate, and this event would have been their Gauntlet
    • Mas’ud was infatuated with SABINA, although (he thought) she did not know, as she was attached to TORO, who he was also friends with (so a bit of a love triangle there)
  • his Covenant certainly was actively moving against the Sahirs and he needed no additional encouragement to subscribe to such a philosophy, knowing that his 2 friends died at their hands only solidified his hatred for them.

event: 1214, age 24

  • selected to rebuild the covenant near Cuenca

Friends and Foes


ally: FIDEL, a merchant in Cuenca

  • his father has business in Toledo, and FIDEL has moved to Cuenca to extend the reach of his family’s growing mercantile interests
    • based on the comments below, he probably moved to Cuenca >because< Mus’ad was moving there and knew that the covenant had mining resources
  • FIDEL and his father trade in raw metal, processed metal, metal tools, etc.
  • Mus’ad knows him and his father from his ‘Well Traveled’ Virtue
    • being one of the few mundanes that didn’t treat Mus’ad poorly, FIDEL is more of a ‘friend’ / ‘brother’ than just a professional acquaintance
  • for FIDEL, there are practical business advantages
    • giving him access to the resources of the Covenant’s mines and potentially an advantage over his rivals
    • I would think it would be good for business to have a dependable source and know that the covenant has fewer alternatives to go elsewhere, or at least less-pleasant alternatives if the other merchants avoid dealing with the Covenant
  • if there is a prejudice against the covenant, there could be some over-shadowing effect to FIDEL
    • would be nice for Mus’ad to help resolve those issues if he can, maybe with the help of ANGUS’s COMPANION
    • there could be a rival merchant that >used to< have a relationship with the old Covenant, and now he’s been shut out because of Mus’ad’s personal relationship with FIDEL
    • I wouldn’t consider this rival a full on ‘enemy’ just another flavor to things

contact: (name), Knight of Santiago

  • this is Mas’ud’s local contact with the Reconquista… someone sympathetic to the coordination of the Crusade with the Order of Hermes
  • more of a ‘contact’ than an ally, but worth putting down that he exists
  • figure he’s not the highest up Knight, though

enemy: (name), Knight of Santiago

  • a true-believer of the Divine rightness of the Crusade
  • does not like what the rumours he’s been hearing about the Order of Hermes being involved at Las Navas de Tolosa (and other incidents like that)
  • believes that the recent stalling of the advance of the Reconquista is because of these ‘deals with the devil’ that have compromised the integrity of the Crusade
  • a vocal opponent of the Covenant outside Cuenca as the nearest target for his ire
  • is not the highest in command of the local branch of the Order, but that could always change
  • since Mas’ud has been seen meeting with (name, the other Knight) and about town working with FIDEL, Mas’ud has become the lightning rod for his attention

ally: GILLES, Tytalus, French descent

  • a Tytalus from my old covenant, involved in the Reconquista
  • also had a hand in the early years of the Albigensian Crusade
  • GILLES is his connection to the ongoing machinations of the Order with the Reconquista
  • this is much more of a transactional relationship / partnership than a ‘friendship’
  • it is not in Mas’ud’s s nature to be plugged into the latest intrigues, he depends on his friend to point him in the right direction when shit needs to get done
  • NOTE FOR ANGUS: it might work to have his character have a connection to GILLES too, like he is/was an agent of GILLES, but now his loyalties have shifted to this new covenant

enemy: ZULAYKHA, a hermetic Sahir in Valencia, Ex Miscellanea

  • Mas’ud believes that ZULAYKHA participated in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, on the side of the Muslims
    • since the members of his old Covenant also fought there on the side of the Christians, he can hardly use that as an accusation
    • just like the Flambeau have (I believe) made noises at Council to side with the Christians, it makes sense that there be an ‘opposition’ to this, for which ZULAYKHA is the voice at council
  • Mas’ud wants to know if ZULAYKHA is responsible for killing his friends, or barring that if she knows who was
  • for her to be a ‘real’ enemy, I would think that she’d need to know that Mas’ud has it out for her — perhaps he confronted her at the most recent Tribunal (1214 yes?)
    • I don’t know enough about dueling yet, would be good if he challenged her but she refused the duel (I would think a Sahir might not be as suited to a Hermetic Duel as a more traditional House)
    • have to work out what the challenge was about: not sure how these things are really ‘phrased’… refusing to duel is conceding defeat, but it’s not like it’s conceding ‘guilt’ of what he’s accusing her of: killing her friends
    • plus, as mentioned earlier, he couldn’t accuse her of fighting with the Muslims without admitting how he (supposedly) knows this.
    • so I’m open to fleshing this out a bit more


Last step. Time to write down those goals! Each character should have a good mix of long, medium, and short term goals. I suggest at least 3 short, 2 medium, and 1 long term goal but I encourage you to provide more. These will provide much of the meat I will be using to come up with stories and plots for the campaign, so really think hard and come up with a good list. Write this in pencil as well, since you’ll be adjusting and modifying this throughout the campaign.

1: throw out the Sahirs from the Order of Hermes

1: avenge my friends against the Sahirs of Valencia
2: master the fighting of Jinn and teach others in my techniques

1: discover and establish dominance over any Elemental Spirits or Jinni in the area of the covenant
2: create a network of agents to investigate Valencia
3: improve my magical combat abilities

Mas'ud of Flambeau

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