Odo of Guernicus

Praeco of Duresca and the Iberian Tribunal


Odo of Guernicus is the senior Quaesitor of the Iberian Tribunal, Praeco of Duresca, and Praeco of Iberia.

Nobody is entirely sure of his exact age, but it is believed that he was born in a village in Leon around 1010.


Odo apprenticed in Duresca in the eleventh century before taking up a position in the Roman tribunal. However, Odo returned to Duresca in 1107 to help deal with a crisis in the tribunal when three Iberian Quaesitors were ambushed and killed near Cordoba in unknown circumstances shortly before the Battle of Ucl├ęs. Odo became Praeco of Duresca in 1140 and began to shape the direction of the Iberian Tribunal with the help of allies within House Ex Miscellania and House Jerbiton. Odo has held the position of presiding Quaesitor of Iberia numerous times and his policies have been in the Traditionalist vein and his firm rule has held the Tribunal on the straight and narrow throughout the chaos of the Reconquista.

In 1206, Odo became Praeco of the tribunal by virtue of being the eldest magus in Iberia.

Odo’s situation began to deteriorate in 1202 when he entered a period of extended twilight. Despite recovering and presiding over the Tribunal of 1207, Odo again entered an extended period of twilight in 1211, from which he has only recently recovered.

Despite his age and health, Odo is often deferred to by Baruch of Flambeau, the current Presiding Quaesitor of the Tribunal, and he is one of the Presiding Quaesitor’s advisors, a position he retains given his extreme seniority.

Odo of Guernicus

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