Quintin al Azraq

The Blue-Eyed Muslim Warrior



  • Flaws
    • 3 Outsider — social status (a blue-eyed Muslim in Castille)
    • 3 difficult underlings — story (because of outsider)
    • 1 compassionate — person
    • 1 lost love — person
    • 1 temperate — person
    • 1 poor student — general
  • Virtues
    • 1 warrior
    • 1 educated
    • 1 enduring constitution
      • penalty for fatigue (-1), penalty from wounds (-1)
    • 1 rapid convalescence
      • +3 on rolls to recover from wounds
    • 1 tough
      • +3 soak score
    • 1 self confident
      • confidence score: 2, confidence pts: 5
    • 1 puisant ability (single wpn)
      • +2 on appropriate rolls
    • 1 affinity for ability (single wpn)
    • 1 improved characteristics
    • 1 strong willed
      • +3 on appropriate rolls
  • Attributes:
    • Intelligence: 0
    • Perception: 0
    • Strength: 2
    • Stamina: 2
    • Presence: -1
    • Communication: 1
    • Dexterity: 1
    • Quickness: 2
  • Early Childhood: (1182-1187)
    • Area Lore: 1 (somewhere in France)
    • Athletics: 2 (climbing)
    • Awareness: 1
    • Brawl: 1
    • Folk Ken: 1
    • Language: 5 (French)
    • Survival: 1
    • Swim: 1
  • A Young Adult in Hometown (165 pts) (1187-1202)
    • Animal Handling: 1 (sheep)
    • Brawl: 2
    • Carouse: 1
    • Charm: 2
    • Craft: 2 (weaving)
    • Bargain: 1 (cloth)
    • Folk Ken: 2
    • Hunt: 2 (tracking)
    • Leadership: 2
    • Ride: 2 (hunting)
    • Survival: 2 (mountains)
    • Stealth: 1 (outdoors)
    • Bows: 3 (short bow)
    • Single Wpn: 2 (falchion)
  • A Young Soldier in the Fourth Crusade (55 + 50) (1202-1204)
    • Animal Handling: 2 (horses)
    • Athletics: 3
    • Brawl: 3 (punches)
    • Carouse: 2 (games of chance)
    • Chirurgy: 1
  • Warrior (virtue, 50 pts)
    • Great Wpn: 1
    • Single Wpn: 5 (falchion)
    • Thrown Wpn: 1 (axe)
  • A Wandering Warrior in the Middle East (200 + 50 pts) (1205-1215)
  • A Turb Captain of [Lorem Ipsum] Covenent, Egypt
    • Animal Handling: 3 (horses)
    • Area Lore: 2 (egypt)
    • Awareness: 2 (bodyguarding)
    • Chirurgy: 2 (binding wounds)
    • Folk Ken: 3 (soldiers)
    • Leadership: 2 (outside of combat)
    • Teaching: 2 (single wpn)
    • Language (Arabic): 2
    • Ride: 3 (hunting)
    • Swim 2 (in armor)
    • Great Wpn: 2
    • Single Wpn: 6 (scimitar)
    • Thrown Wpn: 2
  • Educated (virtue, 50 pts)
    • Artes Liberales: 3 (logic)
    • Latin: 3 (academic usage)
    • Philosophy: 0 << goal
  • After going to Spain:
    • Language (Castillan): 2

Step 1: Define the Character

HIGH CONCEPT: The Blue-Eyed Muslim Warrior
NAME: Quintin al Muharib Azraq

Step 2: Create the Rough Outline

Next is just a quick paragraph with the basics. Sketch out four or five sentences to get yourself rolling. What do you look like? Where were you born? What do you want to do when you “grow up”? Who do you love/hate? Rough ideas to get the creative spark burning.

  • blondish brown hair, long — med. length beard — blue eyes
  • not too tall. 5’9". heavy set, 240 lbs give or take
  • numerous scar, slightly broken nose

research links…

Step 3: Rights and Wrongs

Chastity vs Lust: (purity, knowledge, honesty, wisdom)

  • heavy emphasis on Chastity
  • aspires to knowledge and purity
  • seeking redemption for past sins

Temperance vs Gluttony: (self control, justice, honour, abstention)

  • heavy emphasis on Temperance
  • abstains from liquor, as a follower of Islam
  • seeks self-control for his inclinations towards temper and anger
  • aspires to honor and justice

Charity vs Greed: (will, benevolence, generosity, sacrifice)

  • heavily towards charity
  • compassionate to those in need and generous to them
  • sacrifices his own comforts as needed
  • does not feel is deserves the nicer things

Diligence vs Sloth: (persistence, effort, ethics, rectitude)

  • fairly down the middle here
  • takes his duties seriously, but is also kind of tired of the rat-race
  • enjoys his quiet time, meditations, studies and can reluctantly take up the sword

Patience vs Wrath: (peace, mercy, ahimsa, sufferance)

  • on the side of wrath
  • has a temper that he tries to keep in check
  • as a man of the sword, and enjoys showing it

Kindness vs Envy: (satisfaction, loyalty, compassion, integrity)

  • leaning to envy
  • envious especially of those who are at peace with their lives — those who sleep well every night
  • he is not satisfied or content
  • he IS, however, compassionate. is it a compensation for his other feelings?

Humility vs Pride: (bravery, modesty, reverence, altruism)

  • leaning to pride
  • proud of his strengths and prowess and what Allah has given him
  • proud of his education, even if he’s not as smart/educated as others — certainly more so than the soldiers he usually associates with

What do you think of the political infighting of the nobility that causes suffering among the peasants?

  • it is shameful
  • the leaders should be responsible for taking care of their people. an attitude of service.

How do you view the strict interpretation of religious law by the Order of Santiago (Christians) and the Almohades (Muslims)?

  • why can’t we call get along?
  • we could learn so much from each other and usher in a new era of enlightenment and progress

Do you have any particular habits or vices or vices you find reprehensible in others?

  • he struggles with his past history of drunkenness, debauchery and violence
  • while he would save people from these choices, he’s not going to make those choices for them

How do you view strict/loose interpretations the Code of Hermes?

  • doesn’t trouble himself with the magical politics

Is killing ok? When is it justified (if ever)? When is it not justified/immoral?

  • the crusades and what happened in Constantinople haunt him still
  • killing on a nation-to-nation, peoples-to-peoples level upset him
  • the killing at a personal level (outlaws, defending your loved ones, etc.) doesn’t bother him
  • so I guess it’s “war” that bothers him

Step 4: The Back Story

current year: 1215, age 33

  • easy to make him younger, in terms of crusade timing…

born: 1182 to young adult:

  • born in France, 1182
  • 1187 to 1192: the third crusade, too young for that
  • but would’ve affected those around him, people leaving home to go on it, not returning, etc.

event: 1201-1204: age 19 to 22

  • heeding the call to the Fourth Crusade
  • probably married prior to this, wife and kids died of ‘the flux’… nothing left to lose, nothing but pain at home — why not crusade?
  • the Sack of Constantinople
  • completely disillusioned by the behavior of his fellow Christians
  • rather than return home, heads south toward Jerusalem

event: 1204-1210, age 22 to 28

  • working his way down through the Middle East
  • conversion to Islam

event: 1210-1215, age 28 to 33

  • meet up with Ando’s character in [Egypt?]
  • travel to Iberia

Step 5: Friends and Foes

Every magus character should have at least 1 friend and 1 foe in each of the mundane and magical realms. These could be mentors, informants, moles/spies, rivals, patrons, or anything else you can think of. This will give you a list of 4 personalities your character will have a tie to, but feel free to add 1 or 2 more. Also, you’ll probably get some mileage around tying these personalities to your previous life events and the “rights” and “wrongs” you defined (e.g. “I hate all kinds of cheating because Mr. Enemy cheated and screwed me over once”).

enemy: Father Petro, in Valdecabras


Step 6: Goals

Last step. Time to write down those goals! Each character should have a good mix of long, medium, and short term goals. I suggest at least 3 short, 2 medium, and 1 long term goal but I encourage you to provide more. These will provide much of the meat I will be using to come up with stories and plots for the campaign, so really think hard and come up with a good list. Write this in pencil as well, since you’ll be adjusting and modifying this throughout the campaign.


  • come to peace with the terrible things he did in the Crusades


  • turn the tide of opinion, at least locally, regarding Muslims
  • improve his studies (philosophy)


  • establish an effective Turb at the new covenant
  • learn how to fight and lead again

Quintin al Azraq

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