Arcane Connections

A reasonable question: “What can I do with arcane connections in Ars Magica?”

A short answer: “Lots of things!”

A longer answer:

  1. Check out the main ArM5 rulebook’s section on Arcane Connections – it’s pretty critical, especially when it comes to preserving the connection so it won’t fade and become useless.
  2. Spells with a range of “Arcane Connection” can be targeted at the object the connection is tied to. Example: Percieve the Distant Truth, InIm 30: See and hear what transpires at any place to which you have an arcane connection to.
  3. Summon an airy spirit tied to the arcane connection. Example: Rego (form) 15: Summon any Airy Spirit of (form).

Arcane Connections

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