Covenant Creation

Power Level

We’ll be building a newly re-founded Winter covenant. You’ll have 500 build points to use and be restricted to a max level of 40 for any lab texts/enchanted device effects. This puts the new covenant into the “Medium” power level (ArM5, pg. 70). Note that, since this is a refounded Winter covenant, this represents just the resources you have immediate access to. Undoubtedly there is a wealth of power and resources on the old covenant’s grounds just waiting for you to rediscover! Just don’t step on any mystical land mines in the process, right?

Boons and Hooks

We’ll use the Covenants book’s list of Boons and Hooks.


Feel free to crank out these guys to get some practice on the mechanics of character building in Ars. As the book suggests, I won’t charge build points for any grog that gets created by hand.

How many grogs are there? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. There are as many grogs as are appropriate for the covenant’s setting. How many “specialists” are there? Again, it doesn’t matter too much. Buying a specialist grog using build points gives the covenant access to that particular abstracted talent pool for the life of the covenant. But if you roll up a grog that is a librarian, for example, he/she will age and eventually die, meaning the covenant will be librarian-less until a new librarian can be found. So feel free to roll some up, but don’t spend too much time on it unless you really want to play these guys!


The location of the covenant needs to be decided. Brian and I took a look at the “Ciudad de Encantada” region near Cuenca and both agree that it looks like a great possibility. Brian suggested a sprawling series of buildings built atop the formations with (possibly extensive) underground chambers as well. But there are undoubtedly other ideas to be given.

Back Story

Just wanted to capture a couple ideas that have been kicked around already. Please weigh in on them or provide your own! The more closely you can tie your character to the backstory, the better, too. So let’s come up with something cool, mysterious, and full of potential plot hooks.

  • The former members of the covenant engaged in activities that broke the Code of Hermes and the Quaesitores of Duresca were forced to declare a Wizard’s March against them. This wiped out the covenant and left it in ruins.
  • The covenant is rumored to sit on an extremely valuable magical resource. When another covenant in the Iberian Tribunal discovered this, they became jealous and started to secretly move against the former covenant and maneuvered the Iberian Tribunal into declaring a Wizard’s March on the covenant through lies and deceit. But the former members of the covenant managed to hide (or destroy?) whatever it was that they had and the valuable magical resource was never found. Now only a few know of how the entire Tribunal was duped into declaring and unjust and illegal war that wiped out the covenant. And just what was it that the old covenant had that proved to be its doom? This plot provides the possibility that your PC was somehow involved or has unwittingly become a pawn in a larger mystery within the Iberian Tribunal.
  • A covenant in the Tribunal angered a powerful mundane faction in the Kingdom of Castile. To avoid an all-out war with the mundane realm that would have been disasterous for the entire Order of Hermes, the Grand Tribunal at Durenmar decided to use the old covenant as a scape goat by pinning the blame for the “event” on it. The entire Order of Hermes then stood by while the single covenant was wiped out by a crusader army, thus avoiding a wide spread war between magi and mundanes. How many wizards know the true story of why the covenant was wiped out is unknown and the entire affair would be a dark, nasty secret for the Order of Hermes. This plot has shades of The Bourne trilogy because few wizards really know just how ugly politics between the Order and the mundane world can get.

Covenant Creation

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