Rasus of Flambeau

Praeco of Jaferiya and senior magus of House Flambeau


Not surprisingly, Rasus is a dynamic, driving force within the Iberian Tribunal and much of the agenda of House Flambeau in the Tribunal is set by him. He has the support of most of his House members and often many of the members of House Tytalus in the Tribunal, which often gives him a significant influence in policy matters. In addition to his Hermetic influence, Rasus has made no secret in currying favor among the nobility in the Kingdoms of Leon and Castile. Though this has often brought him into conflict with the Quaesitoris of Duresca but has enabled him to secure significant gifts of land for House Flambeau, resulting in the establishment of the Covenants of Montehermoso and Almeida.

Since the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212, Rasus has formed a series of “kill squads” of House Flambeau Milites and Tytalus magi that have been actively scouring the Moorish taifas of Al’Andalus, looking for signs of sahirs and other non-Order wizards. He has been also actively been seeking the support of other voting magi (including the senior Tremere magi) to allow the inclusion of mundane warriors of the knightly orders in his kill squads as a way to build trust…and to continue the progress of the Reconquista while Leon, Castile, and Aragon wrestle with internal issues. So far, Rasus has not been successful in this goal.


Rasus is a towering man with a bristling black beard and short black hair with a healthy sprinkling of grey in it. He is a Flambeau at the height of his power, with quite a reputation with the Tribunal and throughout the Order. His reputation has been built through years of conflict with the sahirs of Al’Andalus and his record of successes is impressive.

Rasus is a native of Occitania and came to Iberia from the Provencal Tribunal shortly after his gauntlet.

He is also the leader of the Flambeau Milites in Iberia.

Rasus of Flambeau

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